Nearly Valentine’s Day…the celebration of love and affection that many of us feel the need to engage in; buy cards and gifts, make a special tea, run a hot bath…whatever gets you the brownie points!

Well here’s a novel idea; why don’t we use the day to love ourselves too? Not in a Justin Bieber kind of way but see it in the same way as you would view Valentine’s Day for a special someone, except this time you are the special someone.

I have just discovered this new artist via instagram, @stacieswift, and I think this sums up what I’m talking about and was also the trigger for the post today.

How can we look out for and after the ones we love if we aren’t looking after ourselves? So make yourself a priority this Valentine’s Day too!

P.S. I’m still going to conform to the Valentine’s Day norms, I’ve not got a wish to be in the doghouse, but as I always get the hard word about my present buying; either too practical, too expensive or just not wanted; I’m going rogue this year. I’m going to treat myself…to a bike service and the wife is going to treat herself to…well, she doesn’t know yet that she’s sorting her own present so needs to be something she can purchase tomorrow in Leeds city centre with the envelope of treat money she gets in the morning – probably something smelly (nice smelly) or something to wear. Something she will want and not something I’ve dreamed up for her. And the plan is that I will be happier and so will she!

Love yourself!