The big day has arrived, it’s been celebrated and now I’m 40; no more time to complete any more of the 40 before 40 challenges and as one of my cards lovingly confirmed – my 30s have now expired (thanks for that one, Dad!).

Before I share the final update on my challenge, I want to say that as expected, I don’t feel any different. 40 feels just like 39 which felt just like 38 and so on. In the words of Aaliyah…Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number. Which is good because I’m now planning to continue the challenges throughout my year as a 40 year old.

A good friend of mine gave me a “Bucket List” book (pictured below) from Kikki K and I am planning on transferring all those things I didn’t manage to do in my 40 before 40 challenge into this book to make sure they still happen.

In addition to my own focus on ensuring I finish the list, my Dad has bought me bridge lessons, my sister has bought me a Scuba diving session and has also agreed to climb Snowdon with me when we are allowed back into Wales, so I’m already some of the way there to finishing the outstanding challenges!

Now I’m sure you can’t wait any longer (!) so here is the final update on the 40 before 40 – ticks mean completed, question marks mean almost completed or made a good start and crosses mean they are going on the bucket list.

My 40 Before 40

? 1. Go scuba diving
✔ 2. Do stand up comedy
? 3. Get on TV quiz show
✔4. Learn a language
? 5. Learn to play bridge
✔ 6. Learn to solve a rubiks cube
✔ 7. Join a netball team
✔ 8. Attend the gym regularly
✔ 9. Run a 10k
✔ 10. Do an obstacle course event
✔ 11. Write a blog that other people read
X 12. Enter a writing competition
✔ 13. Join a book club
? 14. Climb a mountain
✔ 15. Change my hair
✔ 16. Grow my nails
✔ 17. Compete in a triathlon
X 18. Watch opera
X 19. Watch ballet
✔ 20. Attend a comedy night
X 21. Get teeth improved
✔ 22. Volunteer my time
✔ 23. Pay it forward
✔ 24. Make something creative
✔ 25. Watch a band/act live that I’ve not seen before
✔ 26. Invest in shares
X 27. Be part of a flashmob/group event
? 28. Have a spa day
✔ 29. Read 20 books
✔ 30. Go to a yoga class
✔ 31. Finish reading Harry Potter
✔ 32. Go camping
✔ 33. Buy some artwork
✔ 34. Master a new DIY skill
? 35. Try a sport I’ve never played before
? 36. Learn to play a musical instrument
✔ 37. Outdoor swim in Britain
✔ 38. Only eat McDonalds with the kids
X 39. Skydive
✔ 40. Make a sustainable lifestyle change

Thanks to everyone for engaging with the blog, it’s been fun sharing with you all and gaining new readers that I don’t know personally. Hope you’ve enjoyed the posts too. I’m planning on keeping the blog running but changing the focus…more on that in my next blog post. Until then, this 40 year old is going to eat her body weight in chocolate, read her new books and generally relax for a bit 😉