Not that one (thank goodness!) or the other one currently in the headlines (think I had that a few weeks ago)…no I’m talking Comedy.

My first performance happened just before the UK shutdown to try and stop the spread of the Coronavirus…literally just before… the day before!! So I squeezed it in, thank goodness.

I say thank goodness because I loved every minute of the performance. Having said that, I hated the run up to it; I hated the train journey to it, I hated the rehearsal the week before it, I hated getting to the venue, I hated sitting in the green room and I hated standing behind the stage waiting to go on. But once I was on there, it felt like my natural home…my nerves disappeared with that first laugh (yes, I got one, thanks!) and that was that – I was a comedian, people were laughing and I was in charge of the microphone.

People did turn up later…honest!

When I first signed up to the comedy workshops, I was nervous but did it because I had challenged myself to do it. Then, when I stepped out on that stage, I was living a dream that I hadn’t really realised was a dream. I had set out on a challenge based on trying to get 40 things on a list to do before my 40th, and this was just a number, something to think about doing and probably never actually do. Signing up to the comedy workshop was the first step, attending all but one of the sessions was the second and performing on the night was supposed to be the final step. The nail in the coffin so to speak of my challenge, the ticking off of the box and the moving on. But I loved it, really really loved it. I can’t even put into words how good it felt being up there, with people laughing at jokes that I had written into a 5 minute set myself. The crowd was a friendly crowd, sure, but still they were laughing (quite a lot) at my set!

So, will I do it again? I’ve signed up to the advanced comedy course with our comedian ‘teacher’/mentor, I’ve quit my job (that’s another blog post waiting to be shared!) and there is nothing stopping me…

…except for that other C word which has closed the clubs/pubs/theatres, etc.

I’ll keep you posted!