That’s my thoughts on updating this blog. I’ve been thinking about doing it ever since I was 39…which meant there was just 12 months left to complete my 40 challenges before I turn 40 but there always seemed to be a reason not to logon so here I am 3 months later…hence about time too!

In good news, I’ve been very busy ticking things off the list and have managed another 6 since my last update. And excitingly, I have plans for others on the list too. In not so good news (aka time is running out news) I’m a little concerned that my progress hasn’t been quite on target. By my calculations, I am now more than half way through the challenge but I have only completed 15 of the 40 things on the list. Time to step it up and time for my 21 followers (and counting) to help give me the support and motivation to get it done.

First things first, I will concentrate on the positives – the 6 things ticked off since the last update:

9. Run a 10K

After lots of (some) training, I set off at 11am on a warm, sunny day in September to complete my first ever 10K and I’m delighted to share that I completed it, beat my sister over the finish line and really enjoyed the experience. Will I do another? Possibly. Possibly not. Time will tell but I’m really pleased to have ticked it off the list. Evidence below for the doubters in my readership.

I had no idea the camera was there…I was just enjoying the run 😉

Oh, you want to know my time? Well OK then, I’ll share – completed in 1hr 5 mins. Not bad for a first timer, even if I do say so myself.

16. Grow my nails

This one has been surprisingly easy for someone like me who has bitten their nails for as long as I can remember. I gave up one day earlier this year and haven’t bitten them (much) since. They are certainly longer than ever before and I have managed to sustain them too, not to the point of having a manicure or anything silly like that, but to a level that doesn’t look so painful and messy to others. So whilst I’m not at the end of the challenge yet, I’m taking this as a win.

22. Volunteer my time

I wasn’t sure how this one was going to pan out with my other challenges and whether I’d find something which I could do more than just a one off litter pick/charity support. Luckily, I have found a local football team in need of a new coach, so yours truly is now Joint Head Coach of a junior football team. I’m even going on the FA training course to become better and get a qualification. And more importantly, I’m loving seeing the difference in the team from the exercises they are doing and getting to know them all. It’s been a real eye opener to the opportunities that are out there and the amount of support that grassroots teams need to keep running, so I’m all in with this one.

25. Watch a band/act live that I’ve not seen before

I added this one into my list because I’ve become a little boring in my repertoire of gigs. I tend to attend all the tours of my favourite artist (Take That in case you’re wondering) or go with my Mum to see her favourite artist (Gary Barlow in case you’re wondering) and then run out of time/inclination to go and watch anyone else. This is a more recent thing as I used to watch lots of acts live back BC (before children) seeing people like Amy Winehouse and Adele in small venues before they were big, so I wanted to push myself to see someone else.

That someone else was P!nk and OMG how have I never seen her live before??? She was amazing – why did none of you ever tell me she was so bloody great?!? It was the best gig of my life – up in Glasgow with friends and the ball and chain and I absolutely loved every minute. She was the best performer I’ve ever seen and the acrobatics she does for the finale need to be seen to be believed. I have put a video in below but it really doesn’t do justice to quite how awesome she was. I definitely have a crush on her now, just like at least half the audience I imagine. And unfortunately, she now gets added to my Must See When They Tour list, meaning I’m back to Square One with my watching acts live…nevermind, she was worth it!

The best gig ever!

32. Go camping

Done. Froze half to death on night one. Woke up starving on day one and day two. Got attacked by wasps at the campsite. No picture evidence of the camping as I was conserving battery and also I wore the same clothes for the whole weekend 😀

37. Outdoor swim in Britain

Achieved this one on the hottest week of the year ever in Britain, so I do feel a bit of a fraud but the challenge wasn’t about doing everything perfectly, it was about pushing myself to do things I otherwise wouldn’t have done. So, I swam, not for long but I swam, in the sea in Norfolk in July and I have witnesses who saw me do it and I enjoyed it! Not so sure I would repeat it in Winter in Yorkshire but never say never.

So that’s the update…still plenty more on the list to face and still more to share with you on the blog about the things I’ve done and am doing but for now, I will leave you with the exciting news that I am booked in for a triathlon this week…so watch this space 🙂