Well, well, well. It’s finally arrived…I’ve been waiting until it’s 18 months before my 40th birthday to confirm and publish my 40 before 40 list and that day was last week in the Twixmas madness/what day is it confusion. I didn’t miss it, just didn’t post it until today.

I couldn’t decide whether to share it more widely as it opens me up to ridicule and/or additional suggestions that I don’t really need (as I’ve got 40…save the rest for the next decade please). But I’m sharing and that’s mostly because, I’ve felt recently that I need a bit of a running theme (not actual running FYI, despite the last post https://wordpress.com/post/socalledwife.com/23 …more on that another time) for the blog and I feel like this is something I can hang the rest of my blogs on…or at least give me a reason for more regular blogs – especially as that’s number 11 on the list!

It was harder than I thought it would be to write the list, as I didn’t want to put anything too outlandish on there; I do still have work commitments, wifely commitments and two young children to look after so can’t be planning  exotic travel and multiple evenings/weekends to work on the list. I also didn’t want the list to be too easy to achieve as I work best when I’ve got a challenge. I think I’ve got the perfect list for me and have the right amount of challenge and pushing me out of my comfort zone that I was looking for, along with a push to get me to do some things I’ve talked about for a long time.

So without further ado, below is the list, happy to take any comments on the list, or questions. I have shared with a few people already and tweaked the wording on their advice – although as it’s not a binding contract, I’m not sure why I felt the need to do that…just thought about that now – nevermind, I’ve amended to be clearer for the blog I guess.

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My 40 Before 40

1. Go scuba diving
✔ 2. Do stand up comedy
3. Get on TV quiz show
4. Learn a language
5. Learn to play bridge
✔ 6. Learn to solve a rubiks cube
✔ 7. Join a netball team
✔ 8. Attend the gym regularly
✔ 9. Run a 10k
✔ 10. Do an obstacle course event
✔ 11. Write a blog that other people read
12. Enter a writing competition
✔ 13. Join a book club
14. Climb a mountain
✔ 15. Change my hair
✔ 16. Grow my nails
✔ 17. Compete in a triathlon
18. Watch opera
19. Watch ballet
✔ 20. Attend a comedy night
21. Get teeth improved
✔ 22. Volunteer my time
✔ 23. Pay it forward
24. Make something creative
✔ 25. Watch a band/act live that I’ve not seen before
✔ 26. Invest in shares
27. Be part of a flashmob/group event
28. Have a spa day
✔ 29. Read 20 books
30. Go to a yoga class
✔ 31. Finish reading Harry Potter
✔ 32. Go camping
✔ 33. Buy some artwork
✔ 34. Master a new DIY skill
35. Try a sport I’ve never played before
36. Learn to play a musical instrument
✔ 37. Outdoor swim in Britain
✔ 38. Only eat McDonalds with the kids
39. Skydive
✔ 40. Make a sustainable lifestyle change